About us

We help children develop both physically and intellectually through a wide range of activities in an ordered environment and creativity through music, dance, drama and art.





History of Our School

Marilyn King started over twenty years ago working with children in England and then moved to Chestermere, Alberta, Canada. She has experience in public, separate and Montessori schools and in community organizations. Marilyn offers a broad base of expertise from the arts to sciences and specializes in early childhood development. Little Acorns is under the new management since 2017. The new owner has the long and vast experience of education with high qualification and passion to work with children.

Our Program

Age Range:
Three to five years.
Children may start the month they turn three.

Morning Classes:
8:45am to 11:30pm

Afternoon Classes:
12:45pm to 3:30pm

Registration priority is given until end of February to families of children currently attending Little Acorns Preschool and their siblings.

A few places are available for the current school year for late registration.

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What do parents and former students think of our school?

  • All three of my children have attended Little Acorns and I would definitely recommend the preschool to any parent.
    - Becky V-E
  • "For us, Little Acorns provided the best preschool experience we could have hoped for...it is a strong start for those who are becoming the Mighty Oaks of tomorrow."
    - Russell W.
  • Little Acorns is truly child-centered and that is very important to your child's development, especially when they are preschool age.   When my son attended there, the love for all children shone through in so many things at Little Acorns--from the child-sized environment (including the toilets) to the genuine interest of Mrs. King in saw the little pupils as individuals.  My son still fondly remembers the song that taught him all the continents, now that he is in high school; I think it is because it helped him feel someone besides his parents realized he was capable at that age of understanding the concept of a global world and wanted to help him with his curiosity for such 'complicated' matters!
    - Ronda R.
  • I was a student at Little Acorns and go to Middle School now. I have great memories from when I was there. It was the best!
    - Christine L.
  • Love it!!!! Thanks for posting! Such a wonderful surprise to see the kids creativity come together :)
    - Tina F.
  • "We love Little Acorns! The staff is so kind. My son is learning so much and having fun doing it."
    - Rachel V.
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