Our Program

Program Description

Little Acorns Childcare program is based on the belief that children in their stages of life will best develop the fundamental skills needed for the future if allowed to experiment at their own pace within a nurturing environment. They should have access to activities that are relevant, creative and appealing and help them to grow in a structured way from simple to more advance. Our program is designed to give your child a balanced outlook on life so that they can be successful socially, emotionally, and academically.

We believe that through using a blend of pedagogy and drawing from the background diversity of the staff Little Acorns Childcare will meet the developmental needs of children in our care. Our schools objectives are:

  1. to create a fun and happy atmosphere where children will want to come
  2. to develop a positive and safe atmosphere, developing good social skills with both adults and children
  3. to ease the transition from home to full time schooling and by allowing the children separation from parents when they are ready, feeling fully secure in their new surroundings.
  4. to provide children with an environment where they develop physical and intellectual skills needed to explore areas of interest in a satisfying way.
  5. to utilize children’s natural sense of wonder, curiosity and spontaneity.
  6. to provide an adaptable and flexible program that will accommodate children from varied backgrounds and differing needs.
  7. to learn to appreciate creativity through a range of fine arts activities, to include music, dance, drama and art through their own hands-on experiences and using a wide range of resources, drawing from the local community.

Little Acorns Childcare building has three distinct inside areas where children will be able to experience different styles of play and learning to meet their different and changing needs. There are areas of individual and group play, controlled and flexible activities, teacher lead or child-directed. Creativity is encouraged at levels to suit all the children’s levels of ability and interest. A caring staff is encouraged to put the children’s individual needs at the front of their planning goals so that each individual has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Two distinctly different outside areas provide the children to have fun and explore and also to learn about nature through planting and watching local animal life Visitors from different aspects of our community visit regularly to educate and entertain the children. For example storytellers from the library, firefighters, dental hygienists, a local historian, high school music students, artists, puppet players, musicians, scientists, magicians and more. Community resources also are engaged to benefit the parents (eg Community Services, Formative 5 and Parent Link and connections with SLP and OT specialists through “I’m For Kids “ and “Cause and Affect”.

Parents are involved in the program to spend quality time with their children and also to share their interests and areas of expertise.

The staff meets regularly to evaluate and improve upon the activities, programs and resources. The staff at Little Acorns attends conferences, workshops and webinars. Our teachers are trained to develop games and activities that seamlessly blend learning and play using engaging, age appropriate toys and materials. The staff is made aware of any medical concerns and these will be discussed with individual parents where-ever necessary.

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